At In The Frame, we always make sure to preserve
the original creative purpose of our valued content creators.


We’re equipped to handle all of your subtitling needs and we work with all major formats. Our experts have broad experience in creating subtitles that portray your character’s words and feelings. They make sure that dialogue, message and script are conveyed with clarity and accuracy.

Our process and solutions can be customized to your requirements for commercials, TV programming, Internet broadcasts, DVD, video, and cinema.

We also provide SDH subtitles for people with hearing difficulties.

Why should you care about SDH? In America, around 20% of people have some degree of hearing loss, that’s 48 million Americans. That’s why we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to reach a broader and more varied audience even if they think in the same language as you.



The localization of a website involves translating not only visible content, but also keywords, metatags, URLs, and all the visible content needed to position the website in search results. That’s why your best bet will be to entrust the translation of your web to us.

Proper localization of your web is essential in order to achieve greater results be it via visits, conversion rates, or on-page time. And needless to say that your website is your window to the world.


Video games tend to target a very specific audience, usually defined by age, gender, or more generalized parameters. As such and in the vast majority of cases, the user fully expects to receive the final product in the marketed language and of the highest quality. We take care for you, as we know how to localize your next title to enable the player to feel the entire original user’s experience.

Before starting, we check the functionality of the code in other languages, the use of formats, the internationalization of the product and the end user’s culture, we then prepare the materials accordingly to start working on it.


The localization of an app involves more than translating a few buttons and menus. If you are considering creating a foreign-language version of your app, you will need the help of our professional team of localizers.

We apply extensive testing protocols once we finish the localization process and prior to launch.

Lip-sync dubbing
& voice-over.

Don’t hesitate to localize your film script with us.

Voice-over translation is becoming ever more popular. It involves translation to a different language, but the original voices can still be heard in the background. It is commonly used for reality TV shows, news programs, documentaries, and other audiovisual content.

In dubbing, by contrast, the original audio is not audible anymore. We like to say that, paradoxically, the perfect dubbing translation is the one the audience never notice. And to that end, we translate considering lip-syncing, time restriction, division into takes, text-image relationship, gesticulation, voice duration, situations and contexts.

Digital marketing.

In any international campaign, translating marketing content is crucial to achieve higher results.

Did you know? It has been proven that 80 percent of consumers prefer to purchase and interact with brands in their own language; and over half never buy anything if it is not in their language. This is just one out of many reasons why your company should adapt, or sometimes even rewrite, its content to the target market’s language and culture. And we’re here to help you in this process!

Transcreation and advertising

Do you want your ads to go global? Transcreation is recommended for any type of emotive brand content that is conceived to evoke emotions or reactions from audiences across the world. It can also be applied to slogans, taglines, blogs, leaflets, flyers, banners…

By creating copy that is persuasive and motivational, we ensure maximum impact of your message in any given market. The transcreator’s mission is to evoke the same feelings in the target market as in the original one. Creative content needs more than simple translation.

Social media

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you an influencer and wish to get more followers worldwide on Instagram?

Our team is waiting for you! Don’t wait and start translating your social media content and subtitling your YouTube videos into any language you need.


We provide written records of your interviews, telephone calls, meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, etc. They can be monolingual or we can also translate them into the language of your choice according to your specifications. They are made by native linguists and translated by audiovisual translation professionals.

E-learning content.

Videos are one of the trendy methods of training right now. The popularity of video-based sites like YouTube or e-Learning platforms have forced organizations to adopt more videos into their training to workers and students spread out in different locations.

Whether if it’s for webinars, tutorials, custom courses, presentations, interactive quizzes, or business gamification, at In The Frame we will help you expand knowledge among all your audience worldwide.